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Product Model£º2204

Product Category£ºMicro Sprinkler

Item No. 2204 Hanging-down Sprinkler

The set consists of micro sprinkler, black weight, pipe and small joint.

Material: high-strength plastic

The related nozzle and data is as below for your reference:

  Pressure   2.0KG 2.5KG  3.0KG 
 Black Nozzle  Flux  32L/H 37L/H  40L/H 
   Range  2.8M 3.0M  3.2M 
 Pressure  2.0KG 2.5KG  3.0KG 
Blue Nozzle   Flux  50L/H  55L/H  60L/H
   Range  3.2M  3.5M  3.8M
   Pressure  2.0KG 2.5KG  3.0KG 
 Green Nozzle  Flux  70L/H 80L/H  90L/H 
   Range  3.6M 4.0M  4.3M 
   Pressure  2.0KG 2.5KG  3.0KG 
 Red Nozzle  Flux  90L/H 105L/H  115L/H 
   Range  4.0M  4.2M  4.5M

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